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CHARMAX Bus Stop - solar energy combined with a smart stand for a green future in urban transport.

Current challenges

Cities and municipalities are increasingly confronted with the challenge of promoting a sustainable and smart transport infrastructure. A modern solar bus station is the solution to may problems in urban development.


Holistic and green mobility concepts must be developed in order to meet the increasing demands for modern, socially acceptable transport solutions.


Most present bus stops do not meet the prevailing technological standards. Therefore further development of bus stops in the direction of a green and digital orientation is essential and will have to be part of urban planning strategies.


Despite the many advantages of public transport, there is still a lack of willingness among many people to bring down traffic with private cars and make greater use of public transportation. 

CHARMAX - The power of the sun for a sustainable and digital public transport infrastructure.

Promotion of sustainable urban development

Modern yet timeless appearance combined with multifunctional use

Digital and up-to-date presentation of bus schedules 

Environmentally friendly power generation with photovoltaics

Increased safety thanks to lighting & video surveillance

Greater convenience for passengers due to WIFI, inductive mobile phone charging and much more 

Compact design and easy set-up

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Together towards sustainable urban development


The use of solar energy at bus stops is not only a matter of convenience, but also a big step towards sustainable energy supply in our cities. By installing solar panels on the roofs of bus stops, we can generate and utilise renewable energy to power various devices right on site.


With the integration of real-time data for bus schedules, passengers can access the most accurate information on arrivals and departures at any time of day. This means that waiting times can be minimised and timetable changes can be communicated immediately.


Solar-powered bus stops make a significant contribution to increasing passenger comfort. By taking advantage of green energy, various modern amenities can be integrated, including WIFI, inductive charging for mobile devices, advertising screens and much more.


An independent energy supply can be used to provide additional security measures. These include video cameras, solar lighting and motion detectors.


Solar-powered bus stops can also be used as digital advertising platforms or e-bike charging stations. The versatility of a bus stop with solar panels makes it an important part of modern urban development.

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