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Frequently asked questions



Are there visually attractive photovoltaic systems on the market?


Admittedly, solar systems on roofs or open spaces are usually not really a feast for the eyes. But there are alternatives: the CUBOX PRESTIGE impresses with its unique, attractive design and in addition produces several kilowatts of green solar energy. Use the generated energy for different applications (e. g. bar, info point, sales booth, etc.) and customize it according to your special wishes. You can optimally adapt the CUBOX to its surroundings by branding it’s different surfaces.



How do I make my climate protection initiatives more visible?


With both the CHARMAX E-bike Charging Station and the CUBOX Solar Pavilion, you can perfectly showcase your efforts to do more for sustainability and CO² reduction. You can place both products where they are best perceived. The self-sufficiency of the systems allows you to operate them in almost any location, provided there is sufficient sunlight. You can then additionally convey your messages on generous advertising spaces or screens.



HBT's products are extremely exciting and fit for the future. How can I become a sales partner?

It is best to send your cover letter to office@hbt-energie.com.

We will then be happy to get back to you and discuss the further procedure with you.



I already have a photovoltaic system on my roof. I would like to install more panels, but I don't want to spoil my garden. What can I do?


Just place a CUBOX in your garden: The CUBOX PRESTIGE generates up to 5.4 KWp of clean solar power and looks damn good besides. And what's even better: apart from the energy production, you can use the CUBOX for various other purposes, e.g. as a stylish pool bar, a shady pergola or simply as a garden shed for storing your garden tools.



I have a larger garden and would like to take some precaution against blackouts.

What are my options?


The best way is to place a CUBOX in your garden. Depending on the model, you can generate up to 11 KWp of green energy. If you then equip the CUBOX with a suitable number of batteries, you will be well prepared for an emergency. In contrast to a classic photovoltaic system, with the CUBOX you get a visually very attractive pavilion, which offers you other benefits as well, for example, as a bar or garden shed.



I am looking for an energy-autonomous, mobile kiosk for events, what is available on the market?


Of course, you will find many different kinds of kiosks on the Internet. Unlike most models, the CUBOX offers you absolute independence in terms of energy supply and choice of location, because it generates plenty of solar energy that you can use to power various devices. In addition, it is mobile. You can use it as a bar, info point, sales booth or ticket office and easily transport it, using a trailer, truck or forklift.



Most kiosks, that are standing around in cities, are rather ugly.

Can you recommend me a more stylish alternative?


The CUBOX PRESTIGE has a modern yet timeless design that will positively impact any location and attract a lot of attention too. Various options allow you to customize a CUBOX to suit your needs and to adapt it to the specific environment. This way you will enhance the respective location while you will be doing something for the climate at the same time.



I want to be independent of local energy sources when participating in events. What should I do?


The CUBOX generates such an amount of solar power that you can carry out your events completely unaffected by the existing power supply. If you wish, even a self-sufficient water supply can also be installed in a CUBOX. As you will realize, the operation is still extremely simple and can be managed even by untrained personnel. Place the CUBOX where you expect the maximum visitor frequency, because you do not need to consider existing power or water connections.



How many devices can I connect in one CUBOX?


That depends on the size of the CUBOX and the associated solar power. Lighting, computers, monitors and a refrigerator can be powered without any problem. If you want to use appliances with higher power consumption, you need to consider the solar energy that is available and match their consumption with it. It's always a good idea to choose low-power versions of the devices you want to use.



Is there a pop-up store that is energy autonomous?


Yes, the CUBOX allows completely self-sufficient operation, independent of any external energy source. Even the small 1C model generates 3.4 KWp of clean solar power. The CUBOX is also very easy to set up and put into operation. You can design the interior freely according to your wishes. Therefore you are totally free to pursue your business wherever you want.



I want to operate a kiosk in my city but avoid complicated building permits?

What can I do?


Due to its mobile nature, the CUBOX does not require any permits. And since it is also completely emission-free, both in terms of exhaust fumes and wastewater, as well as noise, there are no restrictions in this regard either. The CUBOX allows you to operate in an absolutely environmentally friendly way and saves you a lot of red tape.



I've had enough of noisy and smelly diesel generators. What are the alternatives?


The CUBOX ECO generates - depending on its size - up to almost 11 KWp of absolutely silent, clean solar energy, with which you can power many devices while safeguarding your home or business against power outages at the same time. With an appropriately designed battery storage, you get the autonomy you want for your personal and professional needs.



The sharp rise in diesel prices has become a huge burden.

How do I switch to a cheaper independent power source?


With a one-time investment in a CUBOX ECO from HBT, you get clean energy for many years at no additional cost. The photovoltaic panels on the roof and the lateral flaps produce up to almost 11 KWp of green electricity, depending on the model you choose. Forget about the ongoing purchase of diesel, the uncertainty of its supply, and the frequent price spikes. The CUBOX makes you independent of all that.



Is there a way to install solar panels in a theft-proof way?


Yes, in HBT's CUBOX ECO the modules are anchored in the structure in such a way that they cannot be stolen by unauthorized persons without destroying them. However, they can be easily replaced by the operator using the assembly instructions, when needed.

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