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CUBOX Prestige

Blackout Backup

There are ever more warnings of possible blackouts due to uncertainties about the reliability of international power grids. 

You want to arm yourself against such events so that you don't suddenly find yourself without electricity having to watch the food spoil in your refrigerator?

Well, if you have a larger garden, it's quite simple: you set up a CUBOX - preferably on a flat surface - as a solar backup. This way you generate clean solar energy and store it in powerful batteries. Depending on your power needs, you can have more or fewer batteries installed and thus tailor the backup to your needs. Then you can sleep easy for now, because you can prevent the worst from happening.

But not only that: the CUBOX as a backup for blackouts also looks damn good and sets with its modern yet timeless design an interesting visual accent in your garden. And besides power generation, you can also use the CUBOX for several other purposes

use it as a bar to entertain your guests on the occasion of celebrations or garden parties, as a shade in intense sunshine or simply as a garden shed to store tools such as rakes, shovels or lawn mowers.


The installation and handling are very simple. You don't even need a foundation for this and as soon as you open the flaps, the CUBOX generates plenty of green solar energy as a power plant in your garden.

On the digital display you can see the charge status of the batteries at any time.


Set a striking example in the direction of more climate protection and equip yourself against possible power outages at the same time.


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The CUBOX ECO is a solar kiosk that generates plenty of clean solar power that you can either feed into the grid or store it in powerful batteries.
4 KWp (CUBOX 1C ECO) or even 7,6 KWp (CUBOX 3C ECO) are available. With this you can completely unabhängig von externen Stromquellen oder lästigen Dieselgeneratoren arbeiten.

The CUBOX ECO is therefore particularly suitable for regions without power supply or those where there are frequent interruptions. This makes unimagined new applications possible, such as decentralised water treatment plants for irrigation, cold stores, medical stations in remote areas and much more.

Set up your CUBOX Solar Kiosk exactly according to your needs. The slim steel frame is extremely robust and offers you maximum interior space for your individual design. The open flaps provide optimum protection from sun and rain. After closing time, you can lock the CUBOX for the night and store everything important inside. The commercially available PV modules are installed in a theft-proof manner. 

Transport the CUBOX by forklift truck, crane truck or ship and use it wherever the sun shines. Favourable purchase prices and the elimination of running energy costs increase the profitability of your business.

CUBOX 1C ECO: Abmessungen 2,34 x 2,34 x 2,49 m, Solarleistung 4 KWp

CUBOX 3C ECO: Abmessungen 2,34 x 5,80 x 2,49 m, Solarleistung 7,6 KWp

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