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Oktober 2023

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von unserer E-Bike-Solarladestation CHARMAX

und besuchen Sie uns auf der Messe „World of eMobility“ am 26. und 27. Oktober 2023 in Amsterdam. 

Wir werden auf dem Stand von SURE Mobility vertreten sein. 

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch! 

HBT Energy

May 2023

Take advantage of our special promotion

Ausgewählte Einheiten unserer voll ausgestatteten CUBOX Solar-Kioske werden zu reduzierten Preisen verkauft:

Demo units with furniture in wood or laminate EURO 29.990,-/each
Demo units with furniture in elegant Corian material EURO 34.990,-/each

Interiors feature either a bar or an info-point configuration. To get an idea of what these unique, small power stations look like, visit the virtual tour on our website: https://hbt-energie.com/en/virtueller-rundgang/

Make yourself independent from local power supplies for your events, roadshows or other hospitality activities. Inquire now: office@hbt-energy.com


Februar 2023


August 2022

Once again, Monaco is at the forefront of new developments, this time in sustainability.

HBT is proud to actively support this path with two solar-powered and fully autonomous CUBOX models.

Right in front of the Oceanographic Museum. 

July 2022

Moving to a more carbon-neutral life brings many new challenges, large and small.

With the Charmax from HBT, the solar-powered charging station for e-bikes, you make your initiatives to protect the environment perfectly visible. Because on the one hand you offer your guests and employees a visually extremely attractive way to charge the batteries of their bikes and on the other hand also an ideal meeting point to exchange ideas, take a short break and get information about the surroundings.

Via various screens, you present the region or your company or place advertisements. Helmets can be safely stored and cell phones charged in the lockers. Lighting, video surveillance and WLAN are further options with which you can align the station to your requirements.

The sun provides the energy for free, which you then store in powerful batteries. Customize the Charmax to your taste by freely choosing the color from the RAL palette. And for a larger number of wheels, simply string several units together.

June 2022

Our 2 CUBOXES have arrived in Monaco. They will stand all summer long in front of the Oceanographic Museum, only 200 m from the Prince's Palace.

They will serve Monaco Tourism and the museum for promotional and souvenir sales purposes. 

As you can see, the modern but timeless design of the CUBOX solar pavilions fits perfectly into the historic setting of Monaco's old town.

In the city-state of Monaco, which attaches great importance to sustainability, the green energy production of the CUBOXes via their photovoltaic panels is all the more welcome.

May 2022

There is no end in sight to the price increases for energy.

Make yourself independent of this now. Invest once in a well-dimensioned PV system from HBT and you can consume clean solar power for many years without paying any more.

Whether with or without subsidies, such an investment makes sense in any case under the given circumstances.

We are also strengthening our team: PV technicians, PV assemblers and assembly assistants on the best terms!

April 2022

Concerned about rising fuel prices as you rely on diesel generators for power?

Now is the time to switch to an alternative solution. With a one-time investment in a CUBOX ECO, you gain many years of free solar energy.

You no longer need to worry about replenishing your fuel supplies. Diesel price increases will not bother you from now on.

With up to 7.6 KWp of clean energy generated by the CUBOX photovoltaic panels, you'll have plenty of power without depending on the regular grid.

In addition, you increase your quality of life by avoiding the noise, air and soil pollution caused by fossil fuels.

Inside the CUBOX there is plenty of space to store your equipment or other valuable items. The CUBOX can be securely locked overnight and the PV panels are also installed in a theft-proof manner.

Place the HBT CUBOX anywhere the sun shines and forget about missing power or power outages.

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